— Written by jvshxi

<aside> 💡 Welcome! This guide will help you with setting up MyFollowers. If you have any enquiries about this, please make a ticket in the Support Server!


Hiya! Thank you for being interested in Koal and MyFollowers! This will be a quick tutorial to tell you how to set up MyFollowers.

Firstly, you will need to get your webhook URL, you can get this by clicking on the channel you want the webhook to be in and then click ‘Integrations’. Like this:


You then will want to click ‘Webhooks’. Then click ‘New webhook’, this will create your webhook for you. You will then want to copy the URL by clicking ‘Copy Webhook URL’. You will see this:


After that, you will need to go on to our Dashboard at


After you sign in, you will see this:


You will need to click ‘MyFollowers Dashboard’ to see options for MyFollowers only. You will need to click ‘Create’, which will look like this:


The ‘Group ID’ will be your Roblox group ID.

The ‘Webhook URL’ will be the URL you just copied.

The ‘Custom Emoji’ is any emoji you would like.

And finally, the ‘Goal’ is the members you want to hit on your Roblox group.

Once you’ve done that, it should be working. If you have any issues, contact our Customer Care team on either our discord server or website chat!

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